Semen analysis system

Analysis of the number of targets

  • Morphologically normal sperm count

  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Bulk sperm count
  • Small head sperm count
  • Hammer-shaped sperm count
  • Pear-shaped sperm count
  • Amorphous sperm count
  • Vacuolar head sperm count
  • Double sperm count
  • Neck and middle defective sperm count



  • The number of sperm tail defects
  • Other abnormal sperm count
  • Sperm cells, white blood cell count, round cells
  • Analysis of sperm count
  • Header length (um), the head width (um), the length / width ratio (%), the head area (um2), head circumference (um), acrosomal ratio (%)
  • Average of normal sperm, abnormal sperm averages
  • WINDOWS XP operating system, with the English version detection, the system can be connected to the hospital LIST, HIS, PACS (optional).
  • with the WHO only recognized world advanced US IVOS-CASA system was strictly rigorous clinical relevance, the results were positively correlated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measured parameters.
  • with testicular volume measurement. (Optional)
  • with sperm function. (Optional)




Diagnostic Lab consultation:

  • Biochemistry & hematology
  • Microbiology lab,
  • Fertility IUI & IVF lab,