Newborn screening

Semi-Automated Modular Immunoassay System


Fluorescent Reader


Automatic DBS Puncher


Automated Microplate Washer


Incubator Shaker

Neonatal Screening Panel

  • Neonatal PKU
  • Neonatal TSH
  • Neonatal 170HP
  • Neonatal Galactose
  • Neonatal GGPD
  • Neonatal Taxoplasma gondii IgM
  • Neonatal IRT (available now)
  • Neonatal Biatinidase (available now)

New Fully Automation in Neonatal Screening


Fully automatic high throughput system

  • Fully automatic high throughput system
  • Performs assays (eg TSH + PKU + Galactose + 170HP)
  • Modular and scalable, high capacity
  • Reduced running costs(no disposable lips)
  • Fully automated with hands off operations
  • High sensitivity fluorometric detection.

Advantage of fluorometric detection.

  • Non-isotopic
  • More sensitive then conventional photometric substrate, e.g. OPD (5-50 fold more sensitive depending on assay)
  • Wide dynamic rang allow detection of very low as well as very high concentrations
  • Very versatile, able to detect different kinds of biological substance (because most biological material do have fluorometric features).

The all new Neoscreen 2400/1200